Black Rose Tattoo Lounge


The Health Department randomly inspects all tattoo shops annually. Black Rose Tattoo has been approved by the Health Department since we were established in 2002. All equipment used in our shop is sterilized in a state-of-the-art autoclave (a pressurized steamed sterilization unit). The strip on the sterilization pouch changes color to give a visual indication that it has been exposed to a certain temperature that is needed for proper sterilization. Sterilizing an instrument takes the proper temperature, pressure, and time. To ensure that all instruments are properly sterilized, we use a sterilizaiton strip during every sterilization process to ensure that the correct temperature, pressure, and time have been achieved. Monthly spores testing is also done to ensure that the autoclave unit is free of spores or other hazardous materials.

We use brand new, disposable needles for every customer. Our ink and color are also one-use only. They are dispensed into individual tiny cups and disposed of after every tattoo. We use up to date methods on sterilization processes to ensure that you are completely safe and satisfied during and after the process of your tattoo.

Black Rose Tattoo